Bristol City College radio pieces

City of Bristol Students’ Radio Pieces
Local Learning worked with Level 3 media students from City of Bristol College to capture people’s stories. We told them about the recent history of the area; together with Lilleith Morrison, child of the Windrush generation (whose suitcase is on display at M Shed) we spoke about the many people who arrived in Bristol from the Caribbean in the 1950s aboard ships such as the Windrush. With Paul Stephenson OBE, we discussed the Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963 which led to the first Act of Parliament in this country ever to address racial discrimination. The media students also explored the cutting edge music scene that has flourished as a direct result of the diverse influences of people arriving in Bristol and the UK since the 1950s.

Students chose the part of this rich heritage that they found particularly interesting and equipped with microphones and audio recorders they uncovered more of those stories, finding other people in Bristol with their own memories and experiences.

Chloe Slocombe — traders

When Chloe Slocombe walked through the Bearpit back in November 2013, she found some tempting food on offer courtesy of Bear Grills and el Gringos Tacos.

Danny Long— Art

Art is everywhere in the Bearpit, and Danny Long spoke to a couple of City of Bristol college students who’ve been involved in creating some of it

Laila Henrysmith — First Bus

In 1963, the people of Bristol boycotted the Bristol Omnibus Company for their racist employment practises after they refused to employ a black bus driver. 50 years on, Laila Henrysmith spoke to employees from First Bus in Bristol about the situation on the buses today

Harrison HindleMickleburghs

Ask a Bristolian what the name Mickleburghs means to them, and the chances are their response will be ‘pianos’. For well over a century, Mickleburghs on Stokes Croft has been an important resource for Bristol musicians. Harrison Hindle visited the shop to find out about its history and the secrets of its continuing survival in these difficult times

Armon DabirCarriageworks

With its many clubs, bars and restaurants, Stokes Croft comes to life at night. During the day though it’s much quieter, with very little daytime trade for an area so close to the city centre. This is set to change soon though, as a huge building known as the Carriageworks has been taken over by Knightstone Housing Association, and there are big plans for this currently empty building. Armon Dabir found out more from the chair of the Carriageworks Action Group

Rob Clift-GazeleyUrsa

If you’ve driven across St James Barton roundabout any time in the past year or so, you can’t fail to have noticed a huge black and white bear surveying the area. Ursa the bear was created by local artist Jamie Gilman, and he sits on top of the gents toilets in the Bearpit. Rob Clift-Gazeley visited him in his workshop on Jamaica Street.


Singer and songwriter, Rita Lynch discusses performing at St Pauls Carnival and how it has changed over the last 30 years.


A young woman shares her harrowing story about sleeping rough in the Bearpit and her road to recovery.