Jetman’s story imagined in a cartoon book



Medieval silver coins, pewter goblets, beautiful ceramic tiles and a jet amulet discovered amongst the remains of 250 skeletons.
These exciting finds were the result of an archaeological excavation carried out in 1995 at St James Priory by Bristol and Regional Archaeological Services. We wanted Year 3, St Barnabas C of E to tell the story behind these finds, but we wanted them to make their own discoveries and uncover the story for themselves.

Local Learning created a mock archaeological dig in the school grounds based on the original evidence. Year 3 carefully excavated their site and pieced together the story of one of the monks buried at St James’ Priory who had been found with a jet amulet. They learned that jet could only have come from Whitby and they then created the story of his journey and pilgrimage to Bristol in the form of a graphic novel.