Children’s shopfront windows

Kelly’s Bristol and Suburban Street Directory for 1882 lists Mrs Hodges, dress pattern maker at number 14, William Brown, artificial limb and truss maker at number 7 and George Burgess, phrenologist could be found at number 23 for anyone wanting an interpretation of the bumps, dips and dimensions of their skulls. Local Learning took Year 6, St Barnabas CEVC to the surviving Glass Arcade (formerly the Lower Arcade) to identify the original features that would have also existed in the Upper Arcade.

Each student chose a shopfront and designed a window display for the 1882 vendor. They had to recognise that photographer, Carlo Alberto at number 10 was providing a very different service to the digital images now available and there is less of a demand today for handmade hats and Mrs Choffin at number 35 would most likely have gone out of business had she not had her picture dealing on which to fall back.
Year 6’s shop display designs were then inserted into the windows.

Taken from the 1882 Bristol and Suburban Street Directory

Upper, Arcade
1 Thomas Prescott, bookseller
2 James Rose, watchmaker & jeweller
3 D. Bernard, picture frame maker
5 Harriet Dibble, wardrobe dealer
6 E. J. Cox, bootmaker
7 Wm. Brown, artificial limb and truss maker
10 Carlo Alberto, photographer
11, 12 Mrs Solle, music seller
14 Mrs Hodges, dress pattern maker
16 William B. Jenkins, watchmaker
18 W. H. Moore, wardrobe dealer
19 John Wilson, trunk maker
20 Thomas Williams, jeweller
here cross over
36, 37 Edwin J. Jenkins, trunk maker
35 Mrs Choffin, milliner and picture dealer
33, 34 Jas. Matthews & Son, booksellers
32 C. S. Tovey, cabinet maker, &c.
31 Geo. Coombe, china and glass dealer
30 Mrs E. Slade, ladies’ outfitter
27 Fredk. Bowden, carver, gilder and picture frame maker
26 Wm. Baker, engraver and printer
24, 25 J. George, bookseller
23, George Burgess, phrenologist
21, 22 Thos. Prescott, bookseller